Warrior Mouse
G Dawavendewa

Warrior Mouse

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Note Card

Gerald Dawavendewa (Hopi & Cherokee)

Aliksa'i, The People in the Hopi village of Oravyi, were known to have many chickens. One day some of the chickens disappeared, and the next day more were gone. The people soon discovered a hawk was killing the chickens. They were afraid hawk would soon take all the chickens. The young men tried to stop the hawk but to no avail. The men tried to stop the hawk but failed. The villagers called a meeting to discuss how to stop hawk, but having tried all their ideas they were at a loss. One evening mouse came to the village leader, the Kikmongwi, and said he could try to kill the hawk. The Kikmongwi thought mouse was to small, but still allowed him to try. (Full story is included on note card).

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