I'Itoi Ki: Maze of Life with Friendship Ceremony
G Dawavendewa

I'Itoi Ki: Maze of Life with Friendship Ceremony

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Gerald Dawavendewa (Hopi & Cherokee)

Also known as the “Man in the Maze” it is one of the more well known designs that is found in O’odham culture. I’itoi Ki: or I’itoi’s House refers to the Creator called Elder Brother who travels a circular path to his home. This path also represents a person’s own journey through life, each turn symbolizing a life changing event. At the end of the maze a alcove allows one to reflect on one’s life before journeying onward to the center. Behind the maze is a Hohokam image with a water motif representing the rivers and rain that is vital to a desert people. Surrounding the maze are people in a ceremonial dance holding hands celebrating the coming of the rains.

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