G Dawavendewa

Gathering Around Her

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Print - Matted 11 by 14 Inches (27.9 by 35.5 cm)

Gerald Dawavendewa (Hopi & Cherokee)

A mother envelopes and protects her child, she wears a headdress of clouds and rain, blessings for a good life. To the left stands the child’s father. He holds a shield; the strength and protection of their culture. On the right stands the child’s grandfather with eagle staff. He symbolizes the traditions and wisdom of the community. Standing in front of her mother, A young child stands holding a woven plaque with a butterfly design, she wears a headdress with cloud and rain symbols. Her dress holds corn and rain designs. She represents the legacy of her culture and the continuation of her people. This artwork was the official poster image for the 28th Annual Protecting Our Children, National American Indian Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect. Conference sponsored by National Indian Child Welfare Association.

Frame shows the display possibilities and is not included. This print will fit a standard frame.

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