Chasing Dragonflies

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Giclee Canvas Print

We've reproduced some of Dawavendewa's artwork in a large giclèe canvas format that measures 10 and half inch square (26.67 cm). 

Parrots and Macaws swirl in flight as they chase dragonflies across the rain clouds as other birds gather in the distance represented by ancient pottery symbols. High above, surrounded by stars is Taawa the sun giving light and life to the world below. The bird’s bright colors invoke the sun's rays which give growth to the plants and the dragonflies announce the coming of the life giving rains.

The Pueblo people of the southwest have traded these colorful birds from Mesoamerican People since 750 C.E., representing a long history of contact and trade among native peoples in the Americas.

Canvas print is gallery wrapped which has the artwork continue around all edges. Print is mounted on a wood frame and includes a hanger. We also include a card that has the title of the artwork, a description of the print, biography of the artist, and information on the Native culture that the artwork originates.

Our Canvas prints are created from original artwork from Gerald Dawavendewa (Hopi and Cherokee). We start with using heavy weight canvas specifically designed for photo grade printers. Our prints use ink that is smudge, fade, and water resistant. As in any artwork, please keep out of direct sunlight.