Gerald A. A. Dawavendewa


Gerald’s home village of Munqapi photographed in early 1950’s



Gerald (Hopi & Cherokee) grew up in the Hopi village of Munqapi in northern Arizona and the Cherokee woods of Oklahoma. He attended the University of Arizona (UA) where he received a bachelor degree in Fine Arts. Some of his previous work includes the Arizona State Museum where he was an exhibit specialist and assisted with the development and construction of an exhibit entitled "Paths of Life: American Indians of the Southwest". In addition, Gerald was commissioned to create a mural depicting the Hopi world that is a permanent part of the Museum's collection. 

Other experience includes an internship with the National Museum of American Indian (NMAI), Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C; consultant to various museums across the country; and guest lecturer at schools, universities, and community colleges.

Gerald's artwork includes "Earth Bundle" that was sent aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavor launched in 1994. He also designed a mural measuring seven feet high by eighty-five feet long depicting Tucson's cultural heritage. The mural was painted by members of the Tucson Artist Group. Dawavendewa is also Author and Illustrator of a children's book entitled "The Butterfly Dance" this project was in collaboration with the Smithsonian Institute NMAI. Other work is a series of 48 metal panels containing native imagery forming the main staircase for the UA Memorial Student Union Bookstore. Gerald's recent work is a new book on artwork entitled "Taawa Codex" which will be available in the spring of 2021.

Through his artwork, Gerald hopes to share his culture, educate the public about the rich heritage of his native tribes and promote a greater understanding of the native world.



An enrolled member of the Hopi Tribe

TAG (Tucson Artist Group) member

Public and Community Design Committee. Appointed by Mayor of Tucson

The University of Arizona Huerta / Diversity honorary committee

Professional Exhibit Staff of Southern Tucson