Our Story



Fourth World Design is a Native American indigenous owned and operated company focused on producing authentic Native American fine art and products. The intent of our company is to educate and share various aspects of our culture with people in a manner that conveys the dignity and beauty in Native American art and culture. Gerald (Hopi & Cherokee) and Sylvia Dawavendewa (Havasupai & Hopi/Tewa) operate Fourth World Design.


For the Hopi people, this world is named Tuwwaqatsi, the Fourth World. In Hopi lore, the Creator had formed three previous worlds. the first two worlds became imperfect and were destroyed by fire and water. The Third world became corrupted and those people who still followed the Creator's path searched for a way to leave the world. Through the help of animals and plants, the people were able to leave the world and emerge into this world.

Our art and designs contain symbols of ancient history and a rich culture that serve as reminders of past challenges, and the guiding principles we are still expected to live by. Drawing on that foundation we have developed contemporary artwork that respects the legacy of our people while recognizing changes in contemporary tribal societies.


On our home page we greet you in three languages:

Ya Um Hiita Tutuqayi - Hopi

O'siyo - Cherokee

Gamyu - Havasupai