Codex Taawa Print Series

Prototype of the Codex Taawa Book

Prototype of the Codex Taawa Book

Although still in progress, we are creating a selection of prints from the Codex Taawa project. This book was inspired by the Codex (books) of Mesoamerica by the indigenous people in that area. Our book celebrates the long history of Hopi sky watching and their understanding of the cosmos. Click on our image to view the prints we offer on this series.

"Copper Moon" Print

A new 11 by 14 inch matted print series. This first print is titled “Copper Moon” and is part of a upcoming book “Codex Taawa”.

This artwork series celebrates this long history of the Hopi people as sky watches and early astronomers. Living in a desert environment where life is a delicate balance, understanding and interpreting part of the earth and cosmos helps in living in a challenging environment.
This series is titled "Codex Taawa", the Hopi word Taawa translates to Sun. This namerelates to  many of the images which depicts various celestial events. Other designs related to the Hopi migrations and emergence stories.



I've recently re-found a roll of wallpaper that my Cherokee grandmother had used to cover her walls for her home deep in the woods of north-east Oklahoma. This printed wallpaper is marked "U.W.D.C of N.A., Union Made". I have found examples in the Brooklyn Museum that state that they were created in the first quarter of the 20th century. My grandmother made quilts and baskets for sale, and my grandfather trained dogs for cattle and hunting. If she had visitors to her home they were family members, yet she saved enough money to purchase rolls of this wallpaper to cover her two room wooden house her husband built. I remembered this wall paper and was fascinated by a reflective glow the paper gave from the oil lamps at night. The paper has reflective colors printed on the paper. I hope to create a piece of artwork based on this wallpaper to honor my grandmother, who even in the woods of Oklahoma, she still wanted a nice decorated home.

Happy New Year


We want to wish every one a promising new year. At Fourth World Design we are looking forward to putting the finishing touches onto projects we first started in 2017, and began new projects and artwork we are looking forward to starting. A quick reminder that we offer shipping on all our items at $4.00 dollars per order. So no matter how many items you place in your "shopping cart" at check out the whole order will be charged only $4.00 dollars. (U.S. orders only)

Artists trading card project

Artist cards for January 1st to January 9th, 2017

Artist cards for January 1st to January 9th, 2017

A year long project that I wanted to do is making a art card for each day for this year. I am using Artist Trading Cards (ATC). ATCs are inspired by Swiss artist M. Vanci Stirnemann who created thousands of small art cards for a show and then invited others to create their own and trade with him. Today, artist trading cards are a "official" art form (with rules). THE RULES: cards measure 2.5 by 3.5 inches. If you trade with others, they are ATC. If you sell them, they are Art Card Editions or Originals (end of rules). Creating art cards is a enjoyable project. I found as I made these cards that they are a great way to try out designs and sketches that I would not try a full image of to roughly see how they would "look" in color and layout. I also made larger images and then cut them into ATC size to view the image in sections. I will post more cards on the blog soon.